NEW THEME! and a few a announcements

As you all know, Halloween is fast approaching. So we’ve decided to change our theme into something that’ll fit the occasion.

The theme is Monster theme and it does fit the occasion right?

Anyway, you all know that we’re on hiatus right? Well..Since it’s halloween, we’ll give a bunch of Exo halloween wallpapers, icons, signatures etc.., courtesy of Ara of course. Those can be found at our DeviantArt. So I hope everyone enjoys them!

~UE Admins

FUN CORNER: Staff Q&A ~ Jen to Ara

Jen and I have been asking each other questions and we want the rest *coughs*Lily and Sarah* to join us. are the questions and answers


For ARA:

  • Jen: Why is your twitter username AraOhhh?
    Ara: Because it asked me for a username. Period.
  • Jen: Is being an UE Admin stressful?
    Ara: Most of the time. WHEN I’M ALONE.
  • Jen: Do you love me?
    Ara: No
  • Jen: Why photoshop?
    Ara: I want photoshop.
  • Jen: Why are you so sarcastic?
    Ara: I want to be sarcastic. You have a problem?
  • Jen: Ok…favorite color?
    Ara: Blue
  • Jen: Do you have a boyfriend? How does he feel about Exo?
    Ara: I do have a boyfriend. When he sees Sehun, he gets jealous because he looks like my first love.
  • Jen: Why Luhan?
    Ara: Because. He’s my bias.
  • Jen: Whatever.
    Ara: Fine.

Sarcastic isn’t she? lol.. anyways..stay tuned for Ara to Jen // Ara to Lily // Lily to Ara // Jen to Lily // Lily to Jen // Sarah to Lily // Lily to Sarah // Sarah to Ara // Ara to Sarah // Sarah to Jen // Jen to Sarah //…sdsncsdawrb.. ; I’m dizzy.. ~_~

We Are Recruiting…

UE needs your help! We have been on an extremely long hiatus.
School and real life is getting in the way of our duties with UE. So we’re asking the help of fans out there. We need someone who is hardworking and someone who has a lot of time and effort. Fans who have been with us since day 1 is especially welcomed to join this small family of Exo fans! Well…what are you waiting for? Join us now!!

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