What will UE provide the fans in the future?

Obviously, we’ve been, excuse my language, a shitty site because of our lack of time and staff.

So, until further notice, we will only provide you lyrics, facts and video downloads for you to enjoy. But I can’t promise that we or rather, I can update this blog daily but I hope you readers will still keep coming back! Thank you!

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted news on this blog right?

First of all, happy new year!

What to expect from UE this 2015:

  • Ultimate Exo’s Features
  • More Editorials
  • New Segments (will be announced at a later time)
  • More posts and updates
  • More video downloads

I’m working alone as of now, so please bare with me. Thanks!

[ANNOUNCEMENT] IMP! UE’s stand in the fandom

This blog is a place where fans from all over the world can co-exist peacefully and enjoy EXO together. Please read this important announcement regarding our current situation. EXO has been active for 2 years yet our fandom has struggled with many problems. Please respect whatever decision I will write in this post. If you don’t accept it, then no one’s forcing you to stay.

↘ Kris: He filled a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract on May 15, 2014. He hasn’t been joining EXO activities since then.

↘ Luhan: He also filled a lawsuit against SM with the same reason as Kris on October 9, 2014. He hasn’t been joining EXO activities since then.

Regardless of the outcome of these situations, we will respect it. IF they do win the lawsuit, they will still be considered as a part of EXO here in UE. Ultimate EXO will continue to support them whether they are still working together or not. We will still update about these two regardless of the outcome. That’s why we’re asking you not to bash Kris and Luhan. I fully understand that I cannot tell you what to do that’s why I’m asking you with respect.

Any arguing regarding this topic will result in deletion of your comments or even an immediate ban will be at hand. So please, let’s co-exist peacefully and respect whatever fate will bring us.

Thank you!

~Admin Ara

[SHORT ANNOUNCEMENT] Regarding Ultimate Encyclopedia

Regarding the lyrics that are under Ultimate Encyclopedia, I have decided to post each song lyrics (ROM, KOR/CH, TRANS) individually to save space. This will be a lot more easier.

Regarding Ultimate Encyclopedia itself, I will be updating because it’s already outdated. I will, as well, remove the schedule page since that requires me to update it each week which, because of my time, is impossible. So I hope you understand!


~Admin Ara

IMP! Announcement from ARA [140714]

Good day everyone!
As you all know, Our blog is on hiatus. We thought…is this the end?
Well no, it isn’t. We will try our best to update our blog but we won’t promise anything. Just expect that our deviantart will be active in giving you tutorials, psds, exo graphics etc.., We want UE to be more active again. So please bare with us.

Thank You!
~UE Admins

[ANNOUNCEMENT] What will UE’s future be?

UE’s closing down? You ask. No, silly. This blog will just be on hiatus until I find dedicated staff to help with this blog.

As of now, I’m busy with school. That means that I don’t have much time to update this blog anymore. So please be patient with me. It’s not easy updating a blog everyday now is it? That’s why I decided to come up with this:

Ultimate Downloads!

Once or twice (or more) a week, I will be posting videos for you to download! So please watch out for it!


~Ara, UE Admin

IMP! Announcement: Please read!

Please read this post carefully!
Your opinions are welcomed but again, please state them in a respectful manner.
If you can’t accept any of it then no one’s forcing you to stay.

Regarding Kris’s issue:

We won’t be posting any updates regarding that matter. The reasons behind this cannot be disclosed.

If ever Kris leaves EXO officially, we will still post updates on him whether he’s still keeping in touch with the group or not. We will respect what is and was Exo. Regardless of the fact that they are missing one member.

Furthermore, your opinions of this topic is respected but please be considerate when stating them. We understand that we cannot fully tell you what to say or do, that’s why we’re asking you with you respect.

If you don’t like Kris because of his so called ‘betrayal’ then we cannot do anything because again, we respect what EXO is/was.

As of now, we will continue updating news/updates/pictures of EXO but not regarding this topic. I (Ara) will even start the 2 new segments I announced days ago (Note! I removed Exo zip because of the lack of time)

I hope you respect our decision. Thank You!

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Ultimate Exo changes

As you all know, I’m working alone as of now.

I’ve thought of ideas on how to keep UE active.

  1. A special column once a week. Let’s say that this blog is no longer going to be just a news blog for Exo but a place where fans can enjoy themselves.
  2. A weekly news wrap. Of course, I can’t be online everyday. So at the end of the week, I’ll post a news wrap and post updates which I haven’t posted.

I hope everything will fall into the right place. Please continue to support UE regardless of its inactivity.

Thank you! ~ UE Admin

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Ultimate Exo Editorials!

As you all know, I’m working alone as of now. I noticed that UE is really getting boring. So I thought of something to make it more ‘fun’ again. I’m presenting to all of you…

From the inspiring ones to the funny ones to the dead serious ones. I’ll post it all for you! These editorials are also not based from my opinions but the opinions of the fans. So I hope you’ll watch out for it and I hope enjoy!

~UE Admin, Ara

A Message from the UE Admins

Dear Readers,

We are super sorry for being inactive. Real life is HELL. Starting today, we will keep this blog active in anyway possible. We promise to make time for our home, Ultimate Exo. The official design of the blog that we are going to host is being finalized. All we need now is more ACTIVE staff, so please if anyone wants to help, send us an email at staff.ultimateexo@hotmail.com or DM us at twitter @UltimateExo. It’s so sad that we aren’t even trying to update this blog. On behalf of the staff, I greatly apologize. I hope you stay with us still, through thick or thin.


~UE Admins.