FUN CORNER: Staff Q&A ~ Jen to Ara

Jen and I have been asking each other questions and we want the rest *coughs*Lily and Sarah* to join us. are the questions and answers


For ARA:

  • Jen: Why is your twitter username AraOhhh?
    Ara: Because it asked me for a username. Period.
  • Jen: Is being an UE Admin stressful?
    Ara: Most of the time. WHEN I’M ALONE.
  • Jen: Do you love me?
    Ara: No
  • Jen: Why photoshop?
    Ara: I want photoshop.
  • Jen: Why are you so sarcastic?
    Ara: I want to be sarcastic. You have a problem?
  • Jen: Ok…favorite color?
    Ara: Blue
  • Jen: Do you have a boyfriend? How does he feel about Exo?
    Ara: I do have a boyfriend. When he sees Sehun, he gets jealous because he looks like my first love.
  • Jen: Why Luhan?
    Ara: Because. He’s my bias.
  • Jen: Whatever.
    Ara: Fine.

Sarcastic isn’t she? lol.. anyways..stay tuned for Ara to Jen // Ara to Lily // Lily to Ara // Jen to Lily // Lily to Jen // Sarah to Lily // Lily to Sarah // Sarah to Ara // Ara to Sarah // Sarah to Jen // Jen to Sarah //…sdsncsdawrb.. ; I’m dizzy.. ~_~

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