Feel free to ask questions regarding UE and Exo but first read the FAQs before asking or else, your question will be ignored.

⇒ Do you have specific blog rules? If so, where can I find them?
You can find our rules at our home page.

⇒ Is this blog Exo K or Exo M biased?
We support Exo as a WHOLE. Exo is One!

⇒ What’s Ultimate EXOpedia?
Ultimate EXOpedia is an Encyclopedia about Exo. In other words, you can get information of Exo there. Information like profiles, lyrics, tutorials etc.

We will discontinue the schedule section because our time just won’t allow us to update every week.

⇒ How can I become your affiliate?

  • Kpop sites Only!
  • Must not be an anti blog

We will no longer be displaying affiliate banners, instead, you’re site can be seen at our sidebar on every page, so no worries. Go here to affiliate.

⇒ I want to help you guys out! How can I apply for staff?
Please go here to see what position is available and their corresponding requirements and go here to apply.

⇒ Who should I contact regarding my private content?
You can contact Ara through here. Choose subject as Contact Admin.

⇒ What’s Hotlink?
Hotlink is copying a download link or copying image urls without re-uploading them and posting them somewhere else.

⇒ Why are you sometimes inactive?
We’re people who have our own lives and UE is not our top priority as students or as workers. REAL LIFE ALWAYS COMES FIRST for us.

⇒ What is spam?
Spam is a really short, meaningless comment and/or doesn’t fit the topic/subject being discussed.


✔ OMG! This performance is pure perfection! I really wanna see Exo in real life! *drools*. I so LOVE D.O here! Thanks for sharing!

⇒ Does any member of Exo have a facebook/twitter etc. ?
You can know their accounts here.

⇒ When will Exo come to *insert country here*?
If SM Entertainment has set the date then we will post it. If not, then, we don’t know. Unfortunately, we are not in the position to know that kind of information.

⇒ Where can I buy Exo’s official merchandise?
The following sites have been known to be trusted Kpop merchandise sellers:

NoteWe are not affiliated with the sites above! We will not be held responsible for lost packages.

Download F.A.Qs

~How to open .part1.rar, part2.rar files?
Download Winrar [] and put the .part_.rar files in the same folder, and just extract .part1.rar

~How to play .001, .002 files?
Download hjsplit []
Before starting make sure that the files .001/.002 (and above) are in the same folder > Open HJSplit > Click Join > Click input file > Click the .001 file > Click Start > and just wait for it to finish. You can find the joined file at the same folder

~Are your videos subbed?
No. However, (if possible) we will be posting streaming links with English subs.

~What are the formats you use?
Majority of these files are AVI or MP4. We also use formats such as MKV and TS.

~What should I do when a link is dead?
Try checking the other 9 hosts. They might be working. If not, then please go here. Do not complain if one of the file host are dead, there are nine other hosts to choose from. If you ignore this rule, don’t expect a reply!

~What file host do you use?
We use the following hosts:

  • SolidFiles
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • FileCloud
  • UpToBox
  • Drop Box
  • RapidGator
  • TusFiles
  • Mega
  • Dev-Host

~Can you upload the video to other hosts?
No, we won’t.

~Why do you change file hosts sometimes?
We change some of our file hosts it’s either because:

  • The files get deleted because of inactivity.
  • We are not contented with the services they offer.
  • If the file host spot copyright, then the files will automatically be deleted.

~What media player should I use?
We recommend using VLC Media Player [] or Media Player Classic []

~I see a codec error, what should I do?
Install K-Lite codecs []

~Do you take requests?
Yes, of course! Go here to request! We’ll solve it as fast as we can.

~One video you’ve uploaded is out of sync! What should I do?
Please email us here/comment on the post of the video.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask using the contact form or email us at ultimateexo.team@gmail.com.

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