Exo shows/dramas (if there is any) will be available for download here!! Or if your internet “hates” downloading, we will provide streaming (if possible). Make sure to read the rules and F.A.Qs before downloading!

If you have a file host to recommend, feel free to tell us! Just make sure that the storage limit is 5o GB or above. However, please take note that the following are not an option:

  • GlumboUploads – They delete files after 90 days.
  • Minus – Their storage is only 10 GB.
  • TurboBit – Uploading and downloading from the US is not allowed.
  • ZippyShare – They delete files after 30 days of inactivity.
  • FileFactory – This was one of our file hosts but then the files got deleted because of inactivity.
  • ShareBeast – Their storage is only 15 GB.
  • DepositFiles – This was one of our files hosts as well but then I found that it deletes the file on a specific date. We don’t want to upload the file again and again.

Please tell us what file hosts are the best! The file hosts we are currently using are SolidFiles, OneDrive, Google Drive, FileCloud, UpToBox, DropBox, RapidGator, TusFiles, Dev-Host and Mega.

The purpose of uploading the videos to many file hosts is if ever one file from one of the hosts is not available or has been deleted, then you have other hosts to choose from. The only problem is is how difficult it is to upload all the files to the ten hosts then update a number of listings.

Please don’t get confused if the links are or Those are link protectors to prolong the life of the links. The ones that are protected by safelinking (UpToBox, Dev-Host and TusFiles files) have captcha on them.


  • Please do not hotlink the links!
  • Feel free to redistribute as long as proper credits are given and, of course, you must reupload to your own host.
  • Do not make money out of the files we upload!
  • Do not complain if one of the listed links are dead, the are 9 other hosts to choose from! If you ignore this rule, don’t expect a reply!


STEP 1: Go to a post which has a title format: [Download] YYMMDD title of video (example) or check our index bellow and find your desired video.
A Pastebin page will open. A list of file hosts is displayed. Copy the link of the host you want to download from (example) and paste it on your address bar or right click and click Go to ‘url here’ and the file host will open.
STEP 4: And just download! We recommend using JDownloader [] to download or if you’re a Firefox user then this [] add on should be helpful when you download the videos.

Have a question? CLICK!


Finding something specific? Press CTRL+F to find it.
If the listing is incorrect or if the links are dead, please email us here.

NOTE! Please don’t get confused when the names of the files have different symbols.
-MVs will only be uploaded to Google Drive and Mega.




  • History (Kor and Chi ver.) [DOWNLOAD][83 MB/Version][MP4]
  • I’m Your Girl (D.O) [COMING SOON][265 MB][MP4]
  • Overdose (Kor and Chi ver.) [DOWNLOAD][132 MB/Version][MP4]


  • 130326 Ivy Club [DOWNLOAD][285 MB][AVI]
  • SK Telecom LTE CF 3 [DOWNLOAD][13.2MB][MP4]


  • 120408 EXO K Debut Compilation [DOWNLOAD][VARIES][MP4]
  • 140615 SBS 2014 Dream Concert [DOWNLOAD][765 MB | 200 MB/Part (4 parts)][TS]
  • 160612 SBS 2016 Dream Concert (Call Me Baby) [COMING SOON][215 MB]
  • [MKV]160612 SBS 2016 Dream Concert (Call Me Baby+Love Me Right) [COMING SOON][614 MB][MP4]
  • 141226 Don’t Be Sad (KBS Music Festival) [DOWNLOAD][104 MB][MKV]
  • 160217 KBS 5th Gaon Chart Kpop Awards (Exodus+Call Me Baby+Love Me Right) [COMING SOON][407 MB | 150 MB/Part (3 parts)][MKV]


  • 130721 Traffic Safety Song [DOWNLOAD][28.6 MB][MP4]

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