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Birth Name: Oh Se Hun
Stage Name: Sehun
Super Power (Badge): Wind
Nickname: Senshine
Date of Birth: April 12, 1994
Position: Lead Dancer, Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Maknae
Height: 181 cm
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Specialties: Dancing, acting

Fun Facts:

– He’s a former ulzzang.
– He shares room with Suho.
– He joined SM in 2008 by Casting System.
– He loves to cry and is not scheming/manipulative person.
 – His ideal type is a kind woman.
– His personality is shy, but when you get to know him he’s more lively.
– His habit is sticking out his tongue.
– His motto is “Let’s live while doing things we like!”.
– He is playful and likes moving, or in the other words, he can’t stay still.
– He has an adorable lisp, that he’s not really good with the letter S.
– He’s an important member in EXO that he keeps up with information like album sales.



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