Feel free to leave messages about UE and Exo. You can also email us at, but you will probably get a faster reply with this one.


  • When submitting news/pictures, specify how we should credit you and make sure that the original owner allows distribution of his/her works.
  • Before asking a question, check our F.A.Q to know if your question has been already answered or not.
  • For affiliates: Please include your site name and URL. In a few words, tell us what your site’s about and mention how long your site’s been active. Please also include your email/Twitter so we can contact you easily. We will accept affiliate requests under the following conditions:
    ~Kpop sites only!
    ~Must not be an anti blog
  • We only answer if it’s about EXO or SMTown in general. We don’t answer about other artists.
  • Before you ask, no, we don’t know what’s Exo’s address or their flight schedule.

For video download requests: make sure it hasn’t been uploaded/posted yet. Please check here for the download links index. If it’s listed but [COMING SOON] is written, then mention it so we can upload it next.
Do not request a show that hasn’t been broadcasted yet! Wait at least 24 hours to request.
Request shows that Exo has appeared in! We don’t accept requests for other artists!

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We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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