To begin this awkward introduction, hello! Thank you for visiting Ultimate Exo, your ultimate Exo resource site! xD okay. I’m your admin/author, Ara! (I’m so awkward. lol)

This site officially started on March 10, 2012, but this fanbase (a.k.a FromEXOWorld) officially started on the 26th day of December, 2011. This site provides you with the latest news, updates, translations, pictures, videos, downloads and more! Just bare with me as of now, because I’m on solo flight.

We hope to gain more in the future. Thank you for the support you’ve given us since December 26, 2011!

Wanna help me out? Then apply for staff here! Or if you don’t want dedicate yourself that much, simply submit a news tip or translations!

For any questions, please refer to our F.A.Q and feel free to ask anything regarding Exo or this blog! Thank you!

Your Ultimate Opinions!

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