[140809/NEWS] ‘Grazia’ reveals B-cuts of EXO-K’s maknae-line Kai and Sehun

For fans who just can’t get enough, ‘Grazia‘ magazine has now revealed the B-cuts (or photos that didn’t make it into print) from their photoshoot with EXO‘s Kai and Sehun!

The two maknaes of EXO-K recently graced the cover for the ‘Men Special’ issue, and after revealing their making-films earlier this week, the magazine has treated fans to these additional photos.

‘Grazia’ wrote on their Facebook page, “EXO Kai, Sehun B-cut photos revealed. Kai and Sehun who pulled off various outfits like fashion models with their great proportions! We were able to feel new, different charms from them with their natural and fresh image~ We are including two B-cut photos that were unfortunately not included in the print with the cover models for the August 5th issue.”

Check them out above and below!

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[140416/COMPILATION] EXO Comeback Showcase [28P]


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Pictures under this cut!

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131009 Entertainment Unlimited Magazine November Issue [2P]

We’re very sorry that we’ve missed Chen and Lay’s birthday. Well in fact, we’ve missed most of their birthdays. To make up to you, we’ll be posting Exo wallpapers on DeviantArt. So please watch out for them! 🙂

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