FEATURE [#1]: Happy Birthday to our umma ~ D.O!!

Twenty one years ago, a miracle was brought into this world. That miracle was named Do Kyung Soo or to us now, D.O.

If I were to say that D.O is one of the most talented members of EXO, would you agree? D.O to us is many things. He is one of EXO’s main vocalists who can captivate us with just one line from their song, one of the derps who never failed to make us laugh, EXO K’s umma (a.k.a mother) who treats his “children” as if they were his own, and most importantly, he is a part of our favorite boy group who never fails in making us fall in love again and again.

D.O can really pass off as a real mother, I can say. He treats his fellow members as if they were his children without even complaining. That is one aspect we love about D.O. If I were to list everything that’s astonishing about our birthday boy, you would have a hard time reading this because the list would go on and on and on and on! There’s a lot of things to love about D.O.

It’s been almost three years since EXO debuted, can you believe that? When they first released their song “What Is Love”, we, for the first time, heard four voices of EXO, namely, Baekhyun, Luhan, Chen and our umma, D.O! They were all great, D.O among them. With him singing “I lost my mind!” How could you not fall in love? Then as they continue to release new songs, we have seen D.O grow and grow until who he is today: a talented and handsome young man.

Today as he celebrates his 21st (or in Korean age, 22nd) birthday, EXO-Ls from all over the world sing “Happy Birthday D.O!!” together for this cute boy turned superstar.

I’m pretty sure D.O won’t read this, but here’s a short birthday message on behalf of the UE Team:

Dear D.O,

You’re already 22! Time passes by sooo fast!
Thank you for being a part of EXO. Without you, the 12 voices of EXO would be incomplete.

Though you have struggled a lot in the process of becoming who you are today, you still managed to overcome the challenges life brings. It’s worth it in the end! Look who you are today! You have made lots of people happy because of your voice, your derpness and most importantly, your existence itself.

Thank you D.O for being just you. Happy birthday! EXO Ls will always support you!!

Stay safe and strong!! ~

~Ultimate EXO Family ❤

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[EXOPEDIA/LYRICS] 12월의 기적 (Miracles in December) [KOR | ROM | TRANS]

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[140416/COMPILATION] EXO Comeback Showcase [28P]


loverecipe0522, _LUHANPLEASE, hohoji25, divineb0506, dailyixing,
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