[160616/NEWS] EXO’s Chanyeol Asks Fans To Stop Creating Confusion With Speculations About “Lovestagrams”


EXO’s Chanyeol isn’t staying silent against fans accusing him of engaging in “lovestagram,” or the act of “dating/communicating” with another person on Instagram through secret messages relayed through videos and images.

On June 16, EXO’s Chanyeol uploaded a video onto his Instagram account, captioned “Sometimes,” the name of the song he covered in the video. The song is originally by singer Crush.

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[EXOPEDIA/LYRICS] Rewind feat. Chanyeol [KOR | ROM | TRANS]


Credits: http://www.music.daum.net (Korean), dragonshine (Rom), http://www.popgasa.com (Trans) via http://www.colorcodedlyrics.com

Posted by: Ara @ http://www.ultimatexo.wordpress.com


NOTE! The part that’s in this color is the part where Chanyeol sings.

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[140508/OTHER] ‘Roommates’ Unveils Never Before Seen Clips of EXO’s Chan Yeol

Soon after moving into the house, EXO’s Chanyeol unfortunately had to leave for a different schedule, but luckily for fans, SBS’ Roommates released extra footage of Chanyeol.

On May 8, two videos were released of Chanyeol, who was the first roommate to move into the house. Being alone in a large house, he tried to find things to do. While he was playing drums, the doorbell rang, making Chanyeol freak out, not knowing how to greet his new roommate. However, it just turned out to be his manager. Continue reading

[140501/OFFICIAL] Watch Chanyeol’s Teaser For “Roommate” as He Enters a House Full of Celebrities

With the upcoming broadcast of  SBS “Roommate”, the recently released teaser video of EXO‘s Chanyeol gave a sneak peak as to how it would be like to live in a house full of celebrities.

The teaser video included the EXO member showing a small glimpse of EXO’s dorm, a dorm many fans would love to check out. Furthermore, the teaser showed Chanyeol getting along with his new roommate, veteran actor Shin Sung Woo. Despite the age difference, Chanyeol’s friendliness had allowed the two unlikely roommates to bond during their stay at the share house.

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