[EXOPEDIA/LYRICS] Baby Don’t Cry (인어의 눈물) [KOR | ROM | TRANS]


Korean: DAUM Music
Translation: gpark @ http://www.codeexo.com
Romanization: jean22s @ http://www.codeexo.com
Posted by: Ara @ http://www.ultimatexo.wordpress.com



더는 망설이지 마 제발 내 심장을 거두어 가
그래 날카로울수록 좋아 달빛 조차도 눈을 감은 밤
나 아닌 다른 남자였다면 희극 안의 한 구절이었더라면
너의 그 사랑과 바꾼 상처 모두 태워버려

* Baby don’t cry tonight 어둠이 걷히고 나면
Baby don’t cry tonight 없었던 일이 될 거야
물거품이 되는 것은 네가 아니야 끝내 몰라야 했던
so Baby don’t cry cry 내 사랑이 널 지킬 테니

오직 서로를 향해있는 운명을 주고 받아
엇갈릴 수 밖에 없는 그 만큼 더 사랑했음을 난 알아
When you smile, sun shines 언어란 틀엔 채 못 담을 찬란
온 맘에 파도 쳐 부서져 내리잖아 oh

Baby don’t cry tonight 폭풍이 몰아치는 밤 (우 하늘이 무너질 듯)
Baby don’t cry tonight 조금은 어울리잖아
눈물보다 찬란히 빛나는 이 순간 너를 보내야 했던
So Baby don’t cry cry 내 사랑이 기억될 테니

어두컴컴한 고통의 그늘 위 이별의 문턱에 내가 무참히
넘어져도 그마저도 널 위해서라면 감당할 테니
uh, 대신 나를 줄게 비록 날 모르는 너에게
don`t cry, 뜨거운 눈물보단 차디찬 웃음을 보여줘 Baby,

Say no more (baby) no more (don`t cry)
제발 망설이지는 말아줘 물거품이 될 그 찰나
Say no more (baby) no more (don`t cry)
눈부신 사람으로 남을 수 있게 차라리 그 칼로 날 태워줘

네 눈 속에 가득 차 오르는 달빛 woo
소리 없이 고통 속에 흘러 넘치는 이 밤

* Repeat

이른 햇살이 녹아 내린다
너를 닮은 눈부심이 내린다
길을 잃은 내 눈은 이제야 Cry cry cry


Deoneun mangseoliji ma jaebal nae simjangeul geodueol ga
keurae nalkaroulsurok johah dalbich jochado nuneul kameun bam
Na anin dareum namjayeotdameon hwigeuk anwi han gujeoli eotdeoramyeoN
Neowi keu saranggwa baggun sangcheo modu taewobworyep

* Baby dont cry tonight eodumo gyeothago namyeon
Baby dont cry tonight eobseotdeon ili dyuil geoya
Mulgeopumi dwineun geoteun naega aniya ggeutnae mollaya haetdeon
So baby dont cry cry nae aarangi neol jikin taeni

Ojik seororeul hyanghae itneu unmyeongeul jugo bada
Yeotgalril su bakkae eobneun keu mankeum deo saranghaetseumeul nan ara
When you smile the sum shines eoneoran teulaen chae mot dameil chantan
On mamae pado chyeo buseojyeo naerijanha oh

Baby dont cry tonight pokpungi molachineun bam [yuhaneuli muneojil deut]
baby dnt cry tonight jogeumeun eoyulrijanha
Nunmulboda chanranho bichnaneun i sungan neoruel bonaeya haetseom
So baby dont cry cry nae sarangi kiyeokdwael taeni

Eodukeomkeomhan gotongwi keuneul wi ibyeolwo munteokae naega muchamhi
Neomeojyeodo keumajeodo neol wihaeseoramyeon kamdang haltaeni
Uh, daesin nareul julgae birok nal moreuneun neoaegae
dont cry ddeugeoun nunmulbodan chadichan uteumeul boyeojwo baby

Say no more (baby) no more (don’t cry)
Jaebal mangseolijineun malajyeo mulgeompumi dwil keu chalna
Say no more (baby) no more (don`t cry)
Nun bsinsarameuro nameul su itgae chararo keu kalro nal taewojyeo

Nae nun sokae kadeuk cha oreuneundalbich woo
Sori eobsi gotong sokae heulreyoneomchineun i bam


Ireun haetsali noka naerinda
Neoreul dalmeun nunbusimi naerinda
Gileul ilgeun nae njneul ijaeya


Baby Don’t Cry (Tears of a Mermaid)

Please don’t hesitate anymore, take my heart instead
Yes, it’s better the sharper it is in this night when even the moonlight closes its eyes
If it was a man other than me, if this was a line from a comedy,
I would burn all the wounds you traded for that person

*Baby don’t cry tonight after the darkness has lifted
Baby don’t cry tonight it would be as if nothing had happened
You will not become foam bubbles, you shouldn’t have known until the end
So baby don’t cry cry because my love will protect you

We exchange our fates that were directed only towards each other
As much as they could only cross, I know we loved more
When you smile, sun shines in a brilliance that cannot be contained by words
It breaks like a wave all over my heart oh

Baby don’t cry tonight, the night when the storm rages (As if the heavens will collapse)
Baby don’t cry tonight, it’s slightly fitting
This moment shines brighter than tears, I had to send you away
So baby don’t cry, cry because my love will be remembered

Even if I brutally fall at the threshold above the shadows of this dark pain
If that is for you, I can handle it
Uh, instead, I’ll give myself even to you, who doesn’t know me
Don’t cry, show me your cold laughter instead of hot tears baby

Say no more (baby) no more (don’t cry)
Please don’t hesitate anymore at the moment of becoming foam bubbles
Say no more (baby) no more (don’t cry)
I’d rather you burn me with that knife so that I could remain as a dazzling person

The moonlight overfills your eyes woo
Without a sound, the night overflows through the pain.


The early sunlight melts down
The brilliance that is like you is falling down
My lost eyes now cry cry cry

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