Weekly News Recap [140519ㅡ140525]


[140519/SOCIAL] Baekhyun’s Instagram Update [1P]

[140520/FANTAKEN] ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ Musical Poster [1P]

[140522/OFFICIAL] EXO K Official Website Update [2P]

[140522/TRANS] Suho’s Message on EXO K’s Website

[140522/VIDEO] EXO K won on Mnet M!Countdown!

[140522/VIDEO] EXO M’s interview on Baidu

[140522/VIDEO] EXO K cuts on M!Countdown

[140522/SOCIAL] Tao’s Instagram Update [1P]

[140522/INFO] FROM EXO PLANET #1 Confirmed venues

[140522/INFO] Luhan named as one of ‘Top 5 Male Gods’ in China

This week has been a busy one because of Kris’s lawsuit and EXO’s first ever concert. I hope you’ll stay with us!


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