IMP! Announcement: Please read!

Please read this post carefully!
Your opinions are welcomed but again, please state them in a respectful manner.
If you can’t accept any of it then no one’s forcing you to stay.

Regarding Kris’s issue:

We won’t be posting any updates regarding that matter. The reasons behind this cannot be disclosed.

If ever Kris leaves EXO officially, we will still post updates on him whether he’s still keeping in touch with the group or not. We will respect what is and was Exo. Regardless of the fact that they are missing one member.

Furthermore, your opinions of this topic is respected but please be considerate when stating them. We understand that we cannot fully tell you what to say or do, that’s why we’re asking you with you respect.

If you don’t like Kris because of his so called ‘betrayal’ then we cannot do anything because again, we respect what EXO is/was.

As of now, we will continue updating news/updates/pictures of EXO but not regarding this topic. I (Ara) will even start the 2 new segments I announced days ago (Note! I removed Exo zip because of the lack of time)

I hope you respect our decision. Thank You!


Your Ultimate Opinions!

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