AUTHOR’S REVIEW [#1]: ‘Overdose’ MV and Song

Welcome to UE’s first Author’s Review!

Disclaimer! This review is purely based on the Author’s opinion. start this review, I have to say that this is one of THE hottest MVs I’ve ever watched. I really love their hairstyles here. I don’t’s simple lol..I especially like this guy:

I’m sorry if I’m not talking seriously but I ask you, how can you hide away your ‘fangirl spirit’ when these hotties are dominating your thoughts with their hot hairstyles, ‘unique’ eye make up and the song itself.

‘someone call the doctor, hold me and tell me. Love’s definitely an addictive overdose’  *melts*
Did I mention that they are sooo hot?

The one thing I love about this MV is that they’re wearing simple clothes yet they look fantastic! It goes to show that our boys can pull off anything.

Regarding the song: It has an intriguing beat and has meaningful lyrics regardless of the fact that it has a fast beat. I also really love BH and Chen’s voice here. ❤

The dance is so cool! I completely love the dance! I especially like this part. So impressive!

Okay, sorry for talking like an immature fangirl but hey, I just like it so much! I can’t.. *faints*

Before I end this review, I would just like to apologize for posting this late. I was sick and couldn’t think straight. Better late than never right? 😉

Thanks for reading!!

Review by: Ara @


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