[140508/OTHER] ‘Roommates’ Unveils Never Before Seen Clips of EXO’s Chan Yeol

Soon after moving into the house, EXO’s Chanyeol unfortunately had to leave for a different schedule, but luckily for fans, SBS’ Roommates released extra footage of Chanyeol.

On May 8, two videos were released of Chanyeol, who was the first roommate to move into the house. Being alone in a large house, he tried to find things to do. While he was playing drums, the doorbell rang, making Chanyeol freak out, not knowing how to greet his new roommate. However, it just turned out to be his manager.

In the second clip, Chanyeol explains to the camera that his mother gave him a red ginseng drink to energize himself throughout the long filming. While he appreciated his mother’s thoughts, the bitter taste of the drinks was too strong, making Chanyeol painfully dig through his bag to find candy. Unfortunately for the EXO member, there was none.

Roommates with more Chanyeol broadcasts every Sunday.

Credits: MWave // Posted by: Ara @ http://www.ultimatexo.wordpress.com



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