Announcement! ♥

*If you don’t want to read everything then skip all the way to the part under the star [★]
As you all know, We are currently on hiatus. The reason will be not disclosed for now.
Handling UE is really stressful. One reason is because of hate. We will not mention the name of who but it’s just going to far. We keep getting hate messages from the same user. I’m really stressed. Why? We are managing our time so that UE will be back on track again. But. Calling us a horrible site or a useless site won’t help. It’s really an insult. We’ve gone through so much. Me (Ara) & Jen (ishiphunhan) had argue about this. Yes, you’re opinions do matter but again, please state them in a respectful matter. Do you know what we are going through to call us that? No. You don’t. So please. Actually I’m very angry right now, but I’m trying to state my thoughts in proper way. So I hope you do too.
On the bright side, I’m sure you’ve read Jen’s announcement right? Yes, that will happen (the halloween wallpapers, icons etc..,) but starting next week cause my exams are approaching.

People are asking tons of questions about Ultimate Exo and I think I would finally answer all of that now.
FromEXOworld is a work of Ara (@AraOhhh). Aside from me, there are 2 other admins, @curiositybites and @XINJIAkrw (follow them ^^)
UltimateExo is a work of Ara and Jen. I (Ara) renamed fromEXOworld to Ultimate Exo.
This is site is inactive currently because (oh I can’t help it) we are planning to host it with it’s own domain name! I (Ara) and Lyn (@hangajimal) are in the middle of planning it. So, please watch out for that!
That’ll be all.
~UE Admins

Your Ultimate Opinions!

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