IMP! ⇒ How to vote for EXO on Music Shows

Support EXO’s most anticipated come back in 2013!


You can support EXO’s comeback not only by purchasing their new album but also voting for them via official polls of the music shows, SNS & SMS voting, searching 엑소, 엑소케이, 엑소엠, and/or their album name on Korean music portals & Korean search engines.

SMS voting only counts when you text while the music show is on air. Also, do take note that SMS voting is not free & the fee is based on your cellphone provider plus international fee if you do not live in South Korea.

Physical album sales are counted towards Hanteo Chart. Hanteo Charts is also one of the biggest physical album sale chart in South Korea monitoring charts via online with daily, weekly, & monthly sales report. It also determines the winner of the Korean music shows like MNet Countdown, Music Bank, and etc. Gaon Chart, on the other hand, compiles both online & offline sales of artists for a yearly sales report. These two charts are important for year-end ceremonies like Golden Disk Award as it takes up most of the criteria to pick the winners for Bonsang & Daesang.
*Note that in order for artists to win the Daesang (grand award) they will have win the Bonsang (2nd award) first.

Buy their physical albums through YesAsia, KpopTown, DVDHeaven, Kpopmart, orSynnara (English website of GMarket) as the sales from these websites goes to the Hanteo Chart. If you have a Korean Social Security Number (주민등록번호) or if you’re a foreigner living in Korea and holds an Alien Registration Number (외국인등록번호), you can buy their physical album & other EXO items through HOTTRACKS.

Digital Music Sales are calculated when you download songs from Korean music portals like MNet, MelOn, Soribada, & BUGS. Take note that downloading songs & music videos via iTunes does not count in any music shows nor in Hanteo & Gaon charts. Also, online streaming of songs & music videos, including official channels of companies on Youtube such as SMTOWN, in music portals is counted towards digital points & digital sales. These digital points will be included in music program rankings & the year-end ceremonies like the prestigious Golden Disk Award.

Purchase Album/Songs via Soribada (Online)
Soribada is one of the online Korean music sites that people from around the world to easily purchase K-pop songs because it is easy to navigate around & it’s in English! It’s like iTunes but solely for Korean music. Although the sales in this site is minimal compared to MelOn, BUGS, & MNet, it is still better than iTunes as it does contribute to the digital sales.

You can also listen to their songs & view their MVs & it will help in the music charts & digital points.

Buying their songs through these music portals helps as well.

Music portal sites: (Here are tutorials)

Korean search engines:

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