130601 EXO Weibo Update

(late yes I know..It’s my brother’s death anniversary..*cries*)

Recently, Exo’s official weibo has been updated! And yeah most of the pictures above show Baekyeol, Taoris, Sekai etc, etc..but where the heck is HunHan?!

Anyway..here’s the translation of their entry:

[Weibo Event 1] Has everyone seen EXO’s MV? Everyone please promote these twelve handsome wolves~ You can send celebrities or artists the link to the MV along with @EXO-M @EXO-K to complete your registration! In one week we will choose the lucky fan and send them unreleased EXO photos!

Translated by: taozi@code:exo
Shared by: smileyJ04@code:exo

You wanna see unreleased Exo photos? Then join this event! (Cause I surely can’t.. *cries again*)

Article by: Ara @ http://www.ultimatexo.wordpress.com


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