130502 Tao’s QQ Update

Watched and read the videos everyone made for me, the handwritten letters and well wishes typed out with the keyboard until 6am in the dawn, I still couldn’t hold back my tears. In my world, 坚- (his qq status was cut off here ==)

Being strong and growing up doesn’t mean that tears should be hidden behind your eyes because of all the love and warm wishes, cos everything is worth it. I don’t want to let all your effort go to waste. I will cherish it, everything each and every one of you gave to me. 20 years old, this is only a start! As long as you guys want it, as long as I have it. Forever walking on together, I love you guys.

Credits: Tao’s Official QQ // Screen cap and translated by: yixingdotjpg@tumblr // Shared by: smileyJ04@CODE:EXO // Posted by: Ara @ http://www.ultimatexo.wordpress.com


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