120727 Exo M poses backstage at Asia’s star

EXO-M has been in Korea for the past few days until they left for Thailand for a fanmeet as well as other fun activities, and they recently recorded for a whopping 7 hours for Asia’s Star.

A staff member wrote on the six-member group’s appearance,

“Hello 🙂

Finally~ Finally~
Our EXO-M that you’ve been waiting for has finally returned to Korea.

We were able to meet you on July 16th for EXO’s 100th day event,
and see EXO-M perform in Korea for the first time in a while too.

Dugeundugeundugeun~ ♬(^0^)~♪

We’re giving you a sneak peek of EXO-M backstage,
who are excited at the prospect of seeing the Korean fans again!!

Even though we’re unable to meet frequently, we’re always so, so, so thankful
to the fans who are always there, cheering loudly for EXO-M as one. ☞”^▽^”☜”

Currently, EXO-M, along with EXO-K, will be in Thailand for a total of four days. Meanwhile, a few members of EXO-M will be appearing in drama For You in Full Blossom.

Credit: Ningin
Posted at: ultimatexo.wordpress.com



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