[ANNOUNCEMENT] May and June updates

Hi guys!
This is a long over-due news. Regarding updates of the month of May and June.
As you all know, I’m working alone as of now.
Since my laptop is broken (which totally sucks) and I’m using Ipad which requires me to use HTML, So I’m a little new to it 🙂

Here are a few announcements

This June we’ll be mostly inactive because of the statement above and school just started. I just hired a translator and yet she also has a few duties of her own. So if anyone has a free heart to Join Us, then please do 🙂
My laptop will be fixed and finally you’ll get goodies from Ultimate Exo Productions and occasional subbing projects from ….idk..
which one do you think is better
“Ultimate Subs, Exo Planet Subs, Space Subs (lol), OT12 Subs
Okay ran out of ideas xDD

Speaking of which…
Ultimate Exo is hiring subbers!

If interested please email this to staff.ultimateexo@hotmail.com

Position applied for (Translator, Timer, Encoder, Typesetter, Editor):
Experience (not a must, but it’ll help):

In addition, UE has changed twitter username :))

So that’s about it…. 🙂

~Ultimate Exo Admin Ara


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