120519 EXO-K’s “Majestic Orchestra” Really Showed in their Performance in MBC Music Core

[Reporter Yang Ja Yeong]

Rookie 6-member idol group EXO-K showed their charismatic performance with their intense expressions which made the audience hold their breaths. 

EXO-K sang their title song “MAMA” from their first mini album in March 19th’s MBC Show! Music Core.

They wore black-silver-gray clothes which accentuates their concept, complete with the magnificent orchestra accompanied by their outstanding looks.

Experience of long training periods and monitoring themselves through television made their performance get better each day. For the last part of the performance, Kai’s intense look at the camera with his chic smile solidified the amazing performance.

Composed by hit maker Yoo YoungJin, “MAMA” talks about the digital age where people rely more on the virtual communication thus creating conflicts and sadness about the absence of reality and pure love. The song contains a powerful dance break accompanied by sharp guitar riffs and intense powerful shouting.

EXO-K and EXO-M will join the other SM Entertainment artists for their SM Town World Tour in Los Angeles to be held on May 20th, 7pm (local time).

They will sure create a grand performance for this stage. (photo courtesy of: MBC Show! Music Core show caption)

Source: BNT News
Translated by: AYA @ CODE: EXO
Posted by: ARA @ Ultimate EXO


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