120427 EXO-M Official Website – Lay Update

Credits: EXO M official website
Trans by: reen @ codeexo.com
Posted by: ARA @ ultimatexo.wordpress.com

Hello everyone, I’m EXO member, Lay.

We ended our trip to Changsha happily.

We recorded on the program with explosive popularity, <Happy Camp> for the first time, the Happy Camp family’s host: Xie Na-jie (T/N: “Jie” is what an older female is called in Chinese), Teacher he, Weijia-ge (T/N: “Ge” is what an older male is called in Chinese), Haitao-ge, Wu Xin-jie, and all the directors and staff of Hunan Television, they took great care of us.

At the same time, I was able to feel the passionate support of my friends from my home town and thank you, for the friends who came from afar to support us.

Also, the Korean fans who came to welcomed us at airport, I’m really thankful!

While maintaining this happy mood, we were once again, given the opportunity to stand on the same stage as Super Junior-sunbae, taking the same plane as the Super Junior-sunbae to Indonesia, to be able to join Super Junior-sunbae’s concert, it really is our honour. Indonesia’s really hot, just like our passion, it keeps rising. We’ll continue to work hard, to do our best!

Thank you to all those who have been noticing us~



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